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Pension Rosary is located 700 meters from the church of St. James in Međugorje.

We've got capacity of 63 beds. All rooms are air conditioned , spacious, each with a bathroom , and most of them have a balcony. The pension includes a restaurant which is also air conditioned and available for groups and individual pilgrims.

For a comfortable and peaceful stay in Međugorje , visit the Pension "ROSARY".

You are all welcomed by the Vučina family.

About Medjugorje

Nearby the town of Čitluk is situated one of the most famous Marian shrine- Međugorje. Međugorje parish consists of the villages of Međugorje , Bijakovići , Vionica , Miletina and Šurmanci, and it was founded in 1892.

Owes its popularity to the apparitions of the Virgin Mary , who is here, from 24.06.1981. She appeared to a group of children. The children were scared at first and ran away , but children's curiosity was stronger than the fear and the next day at the same time they went to the place where the apparitions of the Virgin Mary happened and She appeared again and urged them to pray with Her. That day , 25 June is celebrated as the anniversary of the apparitions of the Queen of Peace. Apparitions at the beginning were frequent , and in them, according to the testimonies, the Virgin Mary carried the message of peace , love and faith. Because those testimonies by the visionaries , and their parents and relatives as well as the priests, they were all persecuted. Children were often brought to the police station for questioning and psychiatric examinations, of wich all found that the children were healthy, and that there are no indicators they might lie about the events in Međugorje. Over time , apparitions have been reduced to certain dates, but some of them have the apparitions daily.

Međugorje annualy visits up to one million pilgrimages from around the world, to find their own peace, comfort and strength through prayer and fasting. Notable places of prayer are the Cross Mountain , the Apparition Hill and the parish church of St. James the Apostle. Although the Vatican has not recognized this place as an official sanctuary for some controversy regarding the authenticity of the apparitions, 'strange' events still occur.

With Lourdes and Fatima, Međugorje is the most famous shrine in the world in which many pilgrims have found their lost faith, peace, humanity and the connection with God.


Pension "ROSARY" Medjugorje
With quality service in our restaurant at your disposal is parking for cars and buses. The Pension is open for guests all year round. We have 63 beds, arranged in a single, 11 double, 8 triple and 4 quadruple rooms. All rooms have their own bathroom and toilet. View


We are pleased to work with you and hope you will find this web site to help in choosing your accommodation in Medjugorje. For additional information, please contact us via the contact form or phone number. Thank you. pansionrosary@gmail.com
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